Karma Wine is Launched in San Diego!

Linda and I are partners in a new wine company called Karma. It was inspired by a true gentleman from Tibet who moved to Mendoza, Argentina after playing a part In the movie 7 Days in Tibet with Brad Pitt. Karma ended up staying in Mendoza, opened a restraunt and started dabling with wine. Two years later, the Karma inspiration has turned into a brilliant lineup of three white and two red wines, all from Mendoza. Karma was here yesterday to help the US team (Myself and Gary Parker, owner of the WineSellar and Brasserie in San Diego) get the new line launched. It was a ton of fun and we are grateful for the excellent response! A personal thanks goes out to the friends of Linda and I who showed to support, enjoy and taste our Karma wines!
Jim Nordstrom
For more info: http://www.WineSellar.com


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I am passionate about business, especially the Professional Beauty Industry and the Wine business.
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7 Responses to Karma Wine is Launched in San Diego!

  1. Go Karma and Team – I look forward to ‘partaking’ in some of this excellent wine soon! Jim bring some in your suitcase to London!

  2. William Botts says:

    The Karma wine was terrific. I like the Melbec and the Sauvignon Blanc the best.

  3. stefumms says:

    Torrontes and malbec were the two stars for me. Karma himself was a character, really added that culture and story to my overall experience. Great event!

  4. Pete says:

    Looks great Jim,

    Love to try the Sauv Blanc.


  5. kay pennington says:

    Great blog Jim! Interesting stuff and its good to be in the know!

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