Thoughts on Success

Lots of different thoughts…this one on success.

Travel is one of my favorite things in life. Whether business or for fun, it is invigorating, rewarding and creates a large percentage of my “life experiences”. As I write, I am on my way back from my quarterly trip to the UK. I am so exhausted, I can barely tap these letters on my iPad. I did not receive my usual upgrade to business. Do I care? Not in the least. I just had one of my best trips ever and it has me thinking about what creates true success. In my observation, hard work is a large component. But, hard work combined with passion is the “killer app”…in fact if you love and believe in what you do, hard work is not work at all. When you combine these two attributes together you create true success. You meet the best people; you achieve things you never dreamed you would and it’s just pure fun. This trip contained all of those results and more. Ironically, the end goal is not financial gain, though it can be one of the results of success.

Working with a team that shares your passion and the desire to do whatever it takes to deliver the absolute best is one of the greatest “highs” in life…and that happened this week in spades. Firstly, I have two of the best partners you could ever ask for…let’s call them the “The Sam’s”. They are two of the hardest working people I have ever met…I will call from California at 10 or 11pm their time to leave a voicemail and one them will occasionally answer the phone! They are fun, lots of fun to work with. And, they are passionate, REALLY passionate. When you have a partnership with these qualities you attract like minded people to work with you. I had the opportunity to work with over 30 of our team members this last week….they worked impossibly hard, long hours and I never heard one complaint, but lots of smiles, jokes and great input on what we did well and what we could do better for our customers. When I tell you they are the best, I mean THE BEST I have ever worked with.

Now that I am on my way home my mind is whirling with ideas on how we can do things better and what new horizons we can identify as opportunities to bring success to our customers. And you know what? So are my partners…I just know it! To have a partnership of this quality once in your life puts you well ahead of the pack. To have it twice is almost too much to ask for…but I have a second one with my wife Linda in a new startup. How lucky am I? Startups are a different kind of hard work…its lots of effort directed at a relatively small group of customers and tons of manual work that just needs to be done. There is certainly no financial success at this point and no guarantee of it either. Yet the same believe, passion and fun (usually!) have us working as hard as we ever have, but again, it does not seem like it. We have already attracted some incredible people to or team and we can see it building into what we hope will be a big success. At this point it’s one customer at a time, but that okay…we value everyone of them and always will.

Wow, life is about as good as it can get….I am thankful. If you are not totally happy at what you do, consider these two ingredients in looking at your options…you will be happy you did!


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I am passionate about business, especially the Professional Beauty Industry and the Wine business.
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6 Responses to Thoughts on Success

  1. Linda Nordstrom says:

    Proud of you Honey, it is so well writen and what matters the most is that it all comes from your heart!


  2. What a fabulous blog Jim. I whole heartedly agree with you as one of the ‘Sam’s’ lol – I can only throw it right back at. The things I have learnt with you as my mentor has exceeded all my expectations and made me a better business person for sure but I believe a better person all round too. Your experience and your passion brings so much to the S2 table I thank god everyday, that my husband made ‘that call’, ‘that day’ in late July 2007 – lol.

    Thank you for your insight and wisdom and your total and utter TEAM playing spirit. That is why you have the wonderful respect from your peers, that you do – because you don’t put yourself on a pedastal – you get stuck in there and do the job with your team.

    Linda has to be the naughtiest, funnest and insightful women I know – we are blessed to have you both in our lives. You are our close and loved friends. FN may be in its infancy but there is no doubt in my mind that ‘how you both are and how you believe in what you do’ will propel this to more extraordinary heights.

    I await with baited breath and as always – with enormous amounts of Love & Respect!

  3. Samuel Sweet says:

    Wow. Hard to add to your great words or to the wonderful ladies above. All I can really say is “Thanks” and “You da man”.

    You are a great mentor and leader, but even more so; friend. Seldom a day goes by where I don’t pinch myself for our holy trinity of meaningful success; our partnership, our team and our customers.

    Long live our success because in truth it simply means that we will still be doing what we love and that customers will still be valuing what we do. Sounds like fricken Nirvana to me. And couldn’t imagine better peeps to spend time in Nirvana with 🙂

    – Love and MASSIVE Respect 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow, what a great blog….knowing and working with the Sams and you has also been my most memorable work experiences. You continue to be the best mentor, friend, confidant, person I know. congrats to all of you on your S2 success, great show, and to 2011!!!!
    looking forward to FN’s continued growth and knowing that with you/Linda at the helm…what could be better ???? you all ROCK..

    Your favorite fan.

  5. Gary Parker says:

    A totally inspiring piece of work, Jim, thanks for sharing!

  6. Emmett Hickey says:

    Well Jim I thought your blog was great and inspiring however I must say the comments above speak more to the character of the man. Congratulations on your journey. Keep making others happy. See you down the road at a beauty show somewhere.

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