Chicago, Nail Talk Radio, New Faces at Famous Names, and more…..

I have been meaning to write this for two weeks…too much to do and not enough time (you know the routine).  Linda and I worked the Chicago ISSE show three weekends ago and had a great show.  I heard complaints about the crowd, but for us it was perfect because we were able to spend high quality time with new customers interested in Lumos (our new Topcoat and Bottomcoat).  I was so impressed with the attendees.  They are serious about business and improving on what they do.  We are thankful for the open minds to a new product and made many new contacts (and customers!).  So, a BIG THANK YOU to Chicago and surrounding states for attending and giving us some time.  By the way, our next show is Premier Orlando (Booth #6867) June 4-6.  We will also be at IBS Vegas (Booth #5356) June 18-20.  Come by and say “hi”.

Linda and I were interviewed by Nail Talk Radio on Monday night…what a blast!  Hosted by Athena Elliott and Naja Rickette, they run a great show and made us feel so comfortable and welcome.  The show is a taste of the real world of nails and is a valuable resource to the nail professional.  If you would like to tune into our show, click here for a link:  We will be regular listeners and hope you check it out.

There are some new faces (and in some cases from the past) at Famous Names.  First our Famous Partner Program which is a network of independent sales stars that are spreading the word about Lumos (and doing a great job of it!):  We have Bonnie Jesse in Rhode Island (and long time best friend of Linda), Patti Desa in northern California (and long time friend of Linda and I), Bri McCloud in Tennessee, and Gina Delong in Maryland.  They are a talented and hard-working group and we are loving what they are doing!  Next are some distributors that have joined our team.  We are going very selective here in the States and are proud that Ace Nail in Atlanta (David and Frank are the BEST!);  Jerry of Nail Trails in San Diego (and soon to be Dallas) are selling Lumos in the USA.  In Canada, Darren of Nova Beauty in BC has just launched and reminds us of how distribution used to be here in the lower 48.  Finally, some good friends (and competitors from the past), Beth and Emmett (E- I spelled it right!) Hickey are representing us into the Spa Distribution Channel.  We talked with them in Chicago, caught up on old times and had some laughs and we are proud to have them associated with us.

Life goes fast…make sure you enjoy it along the way!



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2 Responses to Chicago, Nail Talk Radio, New Faces at Famous Names, and more…..

  1. Bonnie Jesse says:

    I am thrilled to be a part of Famous Names Products. I absolutely love the products and it is a pleasure selling something you totally believe in to nail professionals. It is so much fun meeting new techs and introducing them to Lumos. The real satisfaction is the getting positive feedback from everyone who is loving it as much as we do. Jim and Linda are great to work with. I hope to be a part of this great company and team of hard working professionals for many years to come. It’s exciting to get involved with a company in its infantcy and watch it grow one satisfied nail tech as a time.

  2. Emmett Hickey says:

    We are happy to be a part of the Lumos team and look forward to seeing you and Linda on the radio………

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