It’s no surprise; Good news from Minx; The US Open &Fathers Day…

I do all of the accounting for Famous Names once per week and Friday was the day. This version I call “the day from hell” because I needed to do the prior months bank reconciliations. While I (mostly) really like our web based system, bank recs are definitely not my favorite way to spend my time…welcome to the world of start ups! Amazingly, I discovered that the state of California FINALLY cashed a check that I wrote in January on May 22nd…is it no wonder that they claim they are in a hole too deep to climb out of! With this kind of incompetence, how can they in all good faith ask the tax payer to do more of their “fair share” when they cant cash a check in under three or four days. A private business would go out of business in a flash with this kind of “management”…it’s a two tiered world we now live in the US of A.

The professional beauty industry is in the early stages of a renaissance. On the nail side of the ledger, the first new, important start up is Minx. They exploded off the start line with a wonderful and innovative new product category and for the first time in a long time, nail professionals found a way to make incremental income. Minx was awarded a patent for their innovation and it issued in January of this year. The pro beauty industry is notorious for knocking off anything and everything, even if it may be illegal. Yesterday, one of the illegal copy cats were served at the IBS Las Vegas show for infringement. Good for Janice and Dawn, they deserve to earn their just reward. The reality is it’s very difficult for startups to protect their rights because it’s expensive and time consuming, both of which are in short supply when you are a young company.

I think it was proud day for the USA…The US Open is a Fathers Day tradition in it’s 111th year. Today a 22 year old from Northern Ireland won with his father in attendance. He broke 12 records in the process of blowing the rest of the field away. He had a big lead to start the day, so I thought it would not be worth watching if he didn’t show signs of cracking under the immense pressure. He didn’t , but in watching the back nine you could feel the excitement of history in the making. For me the best part (other than seeing son hug father in victory) was how the crowd of tens of thousands embraced this young man as though he was one of ours. That is what made America great in the past…I hope we can do more of this kind of thing in the future. As Steven Tyler would say…it was beautiful.

Hope all the Dads out there enjoyed their day in the sun…I know I did.


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