John Heffner

This is a sad day for me on multiple fronts: John Heffner, the CEO of Creative Nail Design (now Cnd) is leaving after 14 years. In the entire history of Creative, there have only been two CEO’s…John and myself (my father, Dr Nordstrom held the title of President until he passed away in 1983). This has provided the company with remarkable stability and allowed it to stay on a consistent path over many years. This is a rare feat in our consolidated industry of today.

I am a partner in a UK based wholesaler to nail professionals called Sweet Squared. The company was founded almost four years ago by Samuel and Samantha Sweet (the BEST partners ever), Gigi Rouse and myself. We proudly represent Creative (Cnd) and Minx. If it were not for the support from John from the beginning, it would be highly doubtful Sweet Squared would have ever been started. His believe in us as a team, the (major) helping hand in the beginning and his involvement when we have an idea have been key to our success. Believe me when I say our hearts are heavy and we will greatly miss working with John.

John is the only senior executive from Creative who has sincerely wished my wife Linda and myself the best of luck in our new venture, Famous Names. He has the vision to recognize that “new blood” and the energy it brings with it is a very good thing for our industry as a whole. He is a true friend not only to the two of us, but to the Industry as a whole.

While I know John is going on to new and exciting opportunities, I will miss him greatly as a part of my corner of our industry…but as they say: GOOD LUCK JOHN!


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4 Responses to John Heffner

  1. John Heffner is a true nail industry professional as well as a great guy. I was the Eastern Australian distributor of Creative Nail Design for many years and when the time came to exit the business it would not have been possible without John’s personal guidance and assistance. He was the one person that actually made it happen. He did not need to assist but did anyway and it helped me a great deal in a difficult time. I am sure you’ll be truly missed at CND. I am also re established in a new business within the Professional Nail Industry in Australia and just wanted to publicly say thanks and wish him all the best in the future. Thanks mate. All my best.

    Peter Lykissas

  2. Samuel Sweet says:

    John’s leadership and the importance that he always placed on “people” means that he will be sorely missed by the many lives he changed in such a positive and permenant way. Especially the S2 family.

    Best of luck to John with his new opportunities and a big “Thank You” for everything you have done for the industry and for us.

  3. Emmett Hickey says:

    Well said Jim. John truly is a gentleman. John and I belong to a fraternal organization within the Beauty Industry. This and other occasional social opportunities has afforded me the opportunity to know John on another level. I can truly say I am proud to call him freind.

  4. Doug Schoon says:

    Having worked at CND for over a decade with Jim and then another decade with John, I can say they were both great leaders for CND. I sincerely hope that Colomer is very, very careful about who they select to fill John’s shoes. It won’t be easy to find the right person and it could be disasterous if they don’t.

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