One Year Already?!? Lots of Rumors… The Beauty Industry and the Economy

Is it possible that Famous Names made its first shipment one year ago?  That shipment went to Australia and when I say Linda and I were soooo excited, it would not be an exaggeration.  Starting a new company isn’t easy and Famous Names is no exception.  You must have a clear vision of who you are and where you are going.  For us, its easy…we are a company dedicated to the Nail Professional and we will work seven days a week (and do) to bring the very best products to assist the Nail Professional to greater success.

I am proud to say that in our first year of existence, we have NEVER had a backorder.  This is especially significant because doing a startup usually means there is not a lot of money lying around looking for a use.  The reason we havent had any backorders is because every customer is important to Linda and I and we wouldn’t dream of not being able to fill an order.  It’s amazing to me that the big companies consistently have high backorders…they have the money and resources to have NO backorders, but financial goals are more important than taking care of the customer.  Not for Famous Names…Linda and I are completely committed to putting the customer first.

Lumos is off to a great start and the word is getting out…several high profile session techs are absolutely in love with Lumos (more on this in the future) and “can’t live without it”.  This is gratifying in several ways, but most of all, when you put your heart and soul into producing a new and innovative product and the customer responds by buying it as a part of their business, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!  We are thankful for the response and are working hard on continuing the success.

This weekend is the Nail Pro Sacramento Show…Its a great show put on by a great company.  If you are there, Please come by and say “hi” to Linda and the Team!

Rumors are abounding about the sale of Colomer.  My view is that it’s not a secret that its been for sale and whoever the new owner turns out to be, it will be good to get the issue behind so everyone can move on.

I just returned from the Olympia Show in London (hosted by Scratch Magazine)…it was a monster success of a show.  Attendance was off the charts…at one point the entrance was closed until people left before new ones could enter.  The Sweet Squared stand was mobbed…we were totally exhausted by the end of the day.  How fortunate are we to be in an industry that is literally booming in the middle of a very dire economy?  Everyone I talked to had a good show…such a great thing to see for our industry.

Speaking of the economy, it seems there are land mines everywhere I look…particuarly in Europe.  Debt is such a poisonous thing when used to excess and when it is, it a very painful and long process to recovery.  I wish our government here in the US would stop trying to “help” and just let the American people do what we do best:  innovate, add value and in the process, hire people to do more of the same.  It seems to me that all that “help” does just the opposite.  I believe in the average American…we can do it if some of that “help” goes away.

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4 Responses to One Year Already?!? Lots of Rumors… The Beauty Industry and the Economy

  1. Linda Nordstrom says:

    Great job Babe!!!

  2. as always… great blog Nordy!!!

  3. Ramin Djebelli says:

    Hi Jim , Amazing blog ,cool .
    I enjoy of it and like it .

    Sincerely yours .

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