Reflections on a Thanksgiving…

A day off…and I am totally enjoying it already! I am a very lucky guy in many ways. One of those is my beautiful wife Linda loves NFL football as much as I do. So, we are sitting here with her Mom watching Green Bay take on the Lions and it looks to be a good game. Speaking of the Packers, we had some of our best friends over last Sunday to watch football and after a few glasses of wine I found myself pushing a bet that the Pack will go undefeated and another one they will win the Superbowl…so, I guess you can guess who I am rooting for!

I’ve said many times how thankful I am to be in the professional beauty industry and that goes double today. Look around the world and there are very few industries doing as well as ours. I ‘ve had many ask me why Linda and I started Famous Names. Its simple: We LOVE this industry! The people are passionate. The salon customers appreciate what we do. The opportunities are there. Does it take a lot of work? Yes. We are still putting in seven days a week (except for this week!), but it’s not a job when you love what you do. And quite simply, we love what we do.

When you start a new company, the team you attract will determine your future success. We are very thankful of the talent we have attracted to our small company. There are few things in life better than working with super stars who share your vision and passion for the customer. We have that in spades…so mega thanks to our team members today!

Speaking of vision, its simple: Deliver the very best products to nail professionals. The nail professional is why we started and the reason we exist.

One of my favorite aspects of being in business is the international opportunities it brings. Famous Names is now in eight countries! We are blessed to connect with the new generation of distribution in the international markets. They remind me of relationships I have had in the past and Linda And I are thrilled at the new long-term partnerships we are building!

There is one more word of thanks I would like to give today and that is to my father, Dr Stuart Nordstrom who is The Founder of Creative Nail Design. It was his vision and foresight that gave his children the opportunity of a life time. Can you imagine being a dentist for over 25 years and starting a nail company at the age of 53??? He only lived to see the first four years (we did around $250K the year he died!), but I know he would be so proud of what his kids accomplished.

So on this Thanksgiving, from my family to yours: enjoy the day and make sure you reflect on your blessings!


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I am passionate about business, especially the Professional Beauty Industry and the Wine business.
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3 Responses to Reflections on a Thanksgiving…

  1. Happy thanksgiving Jim and Linda, all our best too you and your family. We are very proud to be associated once again with you guys and I have a sneaking suspicion 2012 will be Famous Names’ year.

    All our best Pete, Lucy and the kids.

  2. Emmett Hickey says:

    Jim, it is always great to read your inspirational blogs. Beth and I feel the same passion to our industry and are thankful to be a small part of such a great family of creative and giving people. Every day is Thanksgiving in our world of beauty. I especially enjoyed your reflection on your dad. He paved the way for a lot of us and was a visionary. I agree totally with your attitude, what we do and earn money from does not feel like work, it is fun and rewarding as long as you keep your eye on helping others get what they want in life. We wish you and Linda the best for 2012 and hope to be a small part of your success.

    Emmett and Beth Hickey
    Spa Specialties Representatives

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