Dadi’ Oil is Here, Thoughts on our Country

Having wanted to write this edition for five weeks, I’m unsure of where to start. I have had so many concepts and ideas flowing thru my mind, I’m having a difficulty starting. The last two months have been a blur.

So, lets start with Famous Names: We have had a landmark and historical start to the year with the launch of our new nail treatment called Dadi’ Oil. In fact, it is 95% certified organic and it looks beautiful! I wont pitch all the reasons I think it’s best in class, but will mention its combination of highly refined avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba and natural vitamin E blend in a very fast penetrating, non greasy treatment which adds moisture and flexibility to the nail and skin. It also contains anti inflammatory, soothing and softening agents all delivered from certified organic ingredients. It looks rich in the bottle and the aroma, which results from a blend of 21 essential oils is being revered by those who smell it. Linda and I LIVED this formula for over six months. I know it looks simple on the surface, but we literally fussed this product everyday during the time we worked on it…no outside lab with some guy who could care less about the Pro Beauty Industry for us! We hope the nail professional and their customers like it as much as we did making it! Go to for more info.

In broad strokes, the world situation continues to be interesting to me, and more concerning. I have said many times how fortunate I am to be in the professional beauty industry. It seems to be doing well relative to the chaos going on in the rest of the general economy. But even in our small industry, big changes are happening. Companies are replacing those who grew up in our industry with new people from outside the industry. Complex and time-consuming systems and processes are working their way into the manufacturing and distribution channels. Lets hope these new ways of doing business actually benefit the bedrock of our industry: The salon workers, who need all of the help they can get in order to “make it” in this enviroment. In the past, big industry methods have not always worked well for our industry. Lets hope for the best.

I also see some very good trends emerging in our industry and that is the emergence of new companies launching unique products. These companies for the most part are founded by people WITHIN our industry. To me there is nothing better or more exciting than this…who knows better how to lead, teach and create the products salon professionals need in order to grow and be successful than folks from within our own industry! Hopefully this movement will continue to grow and salon professionals will exert their influence on those manufacturers who keep it PROFESSIONAL ONLY. The salon professional holds far more power than they realize…use it to support those companies who have made the same committment to you!

Lets talk a bit about the world economy with a few thoughts on the USA specifically. Since 2008′ the world economy has been trying to get out of the Intensive Care ward. If you look at the numbers, I think things are better, but (you knew I was going to say that) things are not good for many people and industries. The causes are extremely complex and the solutions evasive. I want to comment on two areas. First, the Free Market System (or whatever you prefer to call it: capitalism, open economy etc etc). I am worried that belief in this concept has been eroding for some time. If I were to pick a start point, it was around twelve years ago when the confluence of the Nazdac 5000 bubble popped on the heels of 9-11. The US went into a recession and concurrently our US Constitution went into the “surgery ward” in the name of fighting terrorism. Those were tough and scary times for our country and the world. I believe our elected officials did their best given the circumstances, but at some point in the process, we crossed over some very dangerous lines.

That line I is called the “privatize the profits and socialize the losses”. Said another way, certain large industries turn to the government to bail them out when they have made (stupid) mistakes, but dont want any hinderance when the profits (and salaries and bonuses) are flowing strong. Bailouts have become an integral part of our economy today. They are expected. The entire banking industry was making massive easy money profits throughout the sub-prime era, until they weren’t. The loan practises, to say the least, were a complete and intentional sham. That didn’t matter because the money being made was enormous and it was easy, and it would end up being someone elses problem to deal with. The massive bank bailouts ensued from you and I. For the most part, the same management teams that led through the feedfest, stayed at the helm post bailout and received massive bonus compensation as the bailout funds flowed.

I have read many articles that these bailouts were absolutely necessary to save the system etc etc, however, I am of the opinion that the managements who created the problems and the shareholders who supported them should have gone down with ship. This would have rewarded the well run institutions and fostered the start of new ones with new cultures so we could avoid a recurrence of all the bad management in the first place.

That is just one example of how losses in the big industries are being socialized, there are many more. There is a larger and more serious threat that has emerged: With Government money comes regulation. Lots of it. That means lots of new agencies to oversee and create more regulations. And Czars to make sure the new agencies havent missed any opportunity to further regulate. And that means big paychecks for all of these important “watchers and protectors” of our economy. I don’t know the exact figure, but in the last four years the number of Government employees making six figures has literally exploded. How do we stop this???

Thats it for now, until next time….


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6 Responses to Dadi’ Oil is Here, Thoughts on our Country

  1. Thought provoking as always Jim, and Congrats 🙂

  2. Brenda Gates says:

    Received my oil and love it!!!

  3. bonniejeanj says:

    I am really loving Dadi’Oil. I also have found it works great in my hair. Since I have course, unruly hair I am always looking for products to tame it. By accident I found myself away from home without my usual products. I applied Dadi to cuticles and hand then run it through my ends. It worked!!! Thank you Jim and Linda.
    It works wonders in my cuticles too. Love the way it absorbs and leaves the skin soft and non greasy. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  4. Emmett Hickey says:

    Right on….Question, where do we find the leaders that have the courage to let the markets take care of themselves instead of the “too big to fail attitude”? I agree. Let them fail and the well ran establishments will succeed as they should. We are near the tipping point where not enough of us are contributing to the pool of theives and bums the fed wants to take care. What happens when we reach the tipping point? Chaos!

    • jimsnailblog says:

      I think the only way it gets fixed is for the whole system to crash under its own weight. Very painful for the unprepared, but ultimately we get to a better place. These idiots wont do it on their own because they actually like it the way it is! Its amazes me at the airport how many checkpoint people there are and half of them are just standing around doing absolutely nothing! Thats O’s “jobs” program at work. Meanwhile the budget deficit and debt mountain grows.

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