A Hodgepodge of Topics….

Today, June 19th marks the 29th anniversary of my father, Dr Stuart Nordstrom’s death.  Without his vision and courage, there would have been no Creative Nail Design (now Cnd).  While a long time ago, his story is still amazing to me:  A dentist by profession, at the age of 54 he decides to start a nail company when the nail industry barely (and I mean barely) existed AND with the involvement of three of his kids!  My Mom, Mary, literally thought he had lost his mind.  My brother, sister and I were to young to know the difference and just dove head first into the opportunity of a lifetime.  Dad died in 1983 when Creative was four years into its history…if I remember correctly we did around $200,000 dollars that year.  I truly believed he knew that something special had been started and must look proudly from above.  So join me in remembering my Dad today and the great contribution he made to our industry.

I need to now turn to a “shameless plug” on Dadi’ Oil, the new nail treatment oil from Famous Names.  Dadi is off to a great start…those who try it are happy they did and so are their clients.  When we were researching for Dadi, we did a lot of homework on the oils we felt would produce the most benefit.  In the end, we decided to use only “certified organic”. The requirements the farmer must go through are numerous and take far more effort.  But in the end, the end product justifies the effort.  The price for us to go the certified organic route can take your breath away…by way of example, the avocado and jojoba oils cost us about  fives times the non-certified versions.  When we looked at the vibrancy of the color; the degree of penetration and the non-greasy after feel, we knew it was worth it.  We sell Dadi for about the same price as the top non-certified products, so the value is huge to the nail professional.  If you have not tried it, PLEASE give it a try.  Some times its hard to break with the past, but our industry will never move on to greater heights unless new products and new companies are given a chance.

Last night Tom Bachik was on Nail Talk Radio (www.nailtalkradio.com)…what a great job he did.  Tom is now the number one celebrity nail professional in the world, recently signing a deal to work with L’Oreal.  His message was simple, be the very best you can be everyday and good things will come your way.  That includes doing whatever it takes to get the job done and ALWAYS being interested in your customer and their life.  The path to being a celeb tech is a tough, long and hard one…Tom is one of the good guys of our industry!  Another one is George Schaeffer of OPI.  George and I knocked heads on the competitive battlefield for years, but always did it with mutual respect for each other and the industry.  George is the recipient of the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award and will be hosting the dinner in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof.  I have heard at least 1300 will be attending and FIVE million dollars will be raised (of which half is coming from George).  May hat is off to George and I look forward to being at his dinner to honor “one of our own”.  If you have the wherewith all to make a donation, click here for more info:  http://bit.ly/Ld6B5K

Thats if for today….




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6 Responses to A Hodgepodge of Topics….

  1. Linda Nordstrom says:

    I am so proud of my husband, Jim Nordstrom, not only because he is one of the most incredibley honest, ethical and smart business man, but because his integrity allows him to give credit to where credit is due. He always finds the positive. Talk about being one of the good guys, he is one of the good guys!!!!

  2. Lisa Katchur says:

    That was an enjoyable read! And I agree about the GOOD products. At IBS I was sold. And ur staff was even great to talk to me a few days later on the “square up” credit card thingy! My credit card lady not so nice! I wish ur new company great blessings and I too will have my mother looking down from above any day now! And I can say with absolute confidence ur daddy is proud and walking right there with you! Big smile!!!

  3. Tracey Lord-Aikens says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed it! Every since I met you and Linda last year I have been such a fan. (your number 2 fan, I will let Linda be #1 🙂 ) Love you both have a great day!

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