George, The Olympic Nails, Nail Talk Radio

Wow, did this summer go fast or what???  Linda and I were having dinner last night with our daughter Carli and she reminded us that school starts in 10 days!  That inspired me get on the keyboard this morning to write a few thoughts since I have been a bit quiet over the summer months.

The City of Hope dinner for the professional beauty was held in Las Vegas on July 21st and George Schaeffer, the founder of OPI was the honoree.  It was a spectacular evening with over 1700 in attendance.  Al Green and Aretha Franklin provided some fun entertainment and the master of ceremonies was my good friend John Heffner.  John did a fantastic job (I think the best ever that I could remember) keeping the evening flowing smoothly with some fun mixed in along the way.  I had two favorite memories (out of many) for the evening:  Over $5 MILLION was raised for the City of Hope to use in their research efforts…not only a record for our industry, but one of the largest amounts raised from any industry at a City of Hope event.  The second was George’s acceptance speech…from the heart, no teleprompter and completely focused on the most important person there is if you own (or started) a business:  the customer.   He correctly pointed out that our great industry has been infected by the mega corporate mentality with balance sheets and income statements driving the decisions and no thought or focus on the salon operator.  The truth is, the salon operator really needs our help and without them, there is no industry.  This speech reinforced our decision to start Famous Names…every decision we make is directed to our salon operator customer and while spread sheets are a necessary and great tool, they will never make our decisions for us.

I am a huge sports fan and LOVE the Olympics.  The 2012 Summer games have been fantastic and I have really enjoyed watching as much as I possibly can.  Have you noticed the nails of the 2012 Olympics???  They have been everywhere and center stage in so many events!  I remember “Flo Jo” making a big statement through her nail fashion many years ago, but this year, its been nearly every event.  Sweet Squared (a UK based distributor to nail professionals I am a partner of) has done their part:  Through our partnership with Minx and Cnd, we sent teams of our best educational ambassadors to the rowing and sailing venues.  They have been booked solid applying beautiful nails to the athletes.  Check the Sweet Squared facebook page for some fun pics.  I am so proud of our UK team, they are truly the best and love what they do (and it shows!).

Speaking of support to the nail professional, I would like to give a tip of the hat to Naja Rickette and Athena Elliott of Nail Talk Radio.    They host a weekly 90 minute show dedicated to and for nail professionals.  It takes alot of work and dedication to create this show and its all focused on nail professionals and ways they can improve their ad-vocation.  Famous Names is proud to be the lead sponsor of NTR and we apploud Naja and Athena for their commitment to our industry.  NTR airs every Monday at 7pm PST and can be accessed at

Thats it for today…have a great weekend




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I am passionate about business, especially the Professional Beauty Industry and the Wine business.
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4 Responses to George, The Olympic Nails, Nail Talk Radio

  1. AthenA says:

    Thank you Jim so much! We are so proud to be associated with you and Linda..and the Sweet Squared team..

  2. JK Heffner says:

    Very nice Jim!! Thank you!! That means alot! I will forward to George. Have a great Sunday!! John L. Heffner (858) 775-2896


    • N. Anderson says:

      Thanks Jim…I noticed the all the nails during the olympics and chuckled to myself and thought nails have come a long ways…since the late 70’s early 80’s such main stream all over the world. Thanks again Jim for sharing.

  3. Hey, Jim. I’m a new reader of your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your comments. The Olympics certainly brought nails to the attention of many, many millions. BTW, Flo Jo was on the cover of Nailpro after she won her medal. I’ll remain a loyal reader!!

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