Congratulations to John Heffner, new President of OPI; Debra Carver Does it Again

I want to be amongst the first to congratulate the new President of OPI Products, John Heffner. John left his position at Cnd a bit over a year ago and has spent much of his time since working on the history breaking City of Hope Dinner honoring George Schaeffer which raised over $5 million! As I have shared previously, there were only two CEO’s in the history of Creative Nail Design (now CND) until July of last year…myself and John. John did a great job of continuing Creative on the path he inherited from me, keeping its culture intact and delivering good results. I expect he will do exactly the same thing at OPI…taking what George and Suzie have devoted their careers to creating and continuing the success for a long time to come. Its good news for our industry that one of our own will be taking over from George instead of an industry outsider from Coty. I wish John the best of luck in his new position.

Deborah Carver, founder of Creative Age Publications and the creator of Nail Pro magazine will be introducing a new concept: A consumer directed magazine called Nail It promoting the nail professional and the services they offer directly to the consumer. It’s a great idea, as the consumer is in desperate need of education to properly pick the correct service for their needs and to have the ability to distinguish between poor and excellent quality services in the salon. To quote Debra: “Nail It will be a gateway to the consumer for small professional companies who otherwise would not be able to afford the high cost of consumer advertising”. Currently, only the large companies can afford the $100,000’s to advertise in the consumer magazines. Hats off to Deborah for taking this important step forward for our professional industry (amazingly, a newcomer to our industry took to attacking Deborah for this idea…it never ceases to amaze me what some will do for personal gain!). Well done Debra!!!

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3 Responses to Congratulations to John Heffner, new President of OPI; Debra Carver Does it Again

  1. Emmett Hickey says:

    Well said Jim. John will do well for Coty.
    And congratulations to you on VW sponsorship on your blog. You need to teach me how to do this.

  2. jimsnailblog says:

    Thx Emmett…on the VW thing, if I knew, I would tell you!

  3. Congratulations to both John Heffner and Debra Carver who are dedicated professionals to our creative and ever-changing industry. They are the wheels that help move us forward. We wish you well in your new endeavors.

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