Thoughts Post Election

My mind has flashed back to the day after we announced the sale of Creative to Revlon in 1995. We held an all employee meeting out in the warehouse. Typically, these events were well scripted in advance (not my favorite approach), but when I approached the podium, I tossed my “script” into the air and told our employees that I was driving the same car, was in the same office, and would continue my same routine for the foreseeable future that I had the day before. I held true to that promise for five years. No matter what your political persuasion, who you voted for and how you felt about the results, on Wednesday, you probably got up and went about your routine like you would on any other day. Sometimes we give others too much credit for how our life is led, in this case the politicians in Washington DC. It was (as usual) a very heated campaign, but America has voted, the results are in and we now can move forward with an understandinng of what the landscape will look like, which is a lot like it has for the last four years.

In saying that, I DO have some thoughts, observations and an opinion or two to share. Firstly, I don’t know if it’s just me, but this election process was uglier than usual. We have a friend who put out a sign for their candidate on four different occasions and in each case, it disappeared within 24 hours. That is just wrong…our country at one time stood for one person, one vote and the freedom to express your opinion (in a legal and respectful way). I don’t care who you are supporting, you must be respectful of other’s views for our country’s process to work. So this was greatly disappointing to me. There were candidate comments to “vote for revenge”. I seriously doubt that our founding fathers had that concept in mind when drafting the constitution. Other polarizing comments included references to the 47%; the 1% vs the 99% etc. I don’t feel these references are healthy for our country and society. They are utilized because voters respond to it. It’s too bad, but that’s the way these elections go. There is very little focus on true solutions to the challenges that face our country. That is because real solutions are not popular and to get elected, you must say what is popular, not what is real.

Linda and I are not sure what “group” we are supposed to fall into (this election was all about what group you fall into). We are fortunate that we are partners in a succesful business. The profits from that business go into our new business, which we are grinding the way to that wonderful day called “break even”. In the meanwhile, we write checks nearly every month. We work seven days per week (literally). So are we part of the evil “succesful” part of society or are we “good” because we are trying to start a new business that we hope one day will employ many, many people? I believe what is not understood in Washington DC is the concept of risk. It is the level of perceived risk that determines if someone will take the chance with their capital, put in the effort in the hopes that at some future point, you will be “succesful”. When you start a business there is NO guarantee of success…you may go well down the road of effort and fall short, that’s how the game works. So, when I hear the rhetoric about “fair shots for all”, “even playing field for all” etc etc, I don’t understand what it means: you can’t legislate “fair risk” in a free market economy. It is up to the risk taker to determine if they will risk their capital in the pursuit of creating more capital. Up to the day of break even or better, the winner is everyone who is being paid for goods and services (ie. the EMPLOYEES of those companies) to the new company. So, it will be interesting to see how this election changes the free market system being made more “fair”. Does it mean that fewer people will take the risk of starting a new business? Does it mean that “a fair shot for all” is a growing government, thus creating those fair and balanced job opportunities? I don’t know what that looks like or how that works. If you turn the clock of the US back 110 years, the Federal Government was about 5% of GDP. Today, it’s about 27%. How much is enough and how much is too much? This election clearly stated that 27% is not enough. Who am I to say the electorate is wrong? Time will tell. In the meanwhile, I will go about my business just like I have over the last four years, hoping my assessment of the risk will prove to be correct relative to what I hope our reward will be.

Finally, I would like to see the electoral college system scraped. It’s very frustrating to vote in an election if you don’t live in a “swing” state. Your vote doesn’t make a difference. In most other countries they have a national popular vote. I believe we need that here in the US. In the just completed election, there were seven states that determined the outcome. The majority of candidate time and money was spent in those seven states. The national popular vote was approximately 61M vs 58M. At this point the electoral college breakdown is 303 to 206 (what IS it about Florida…they are still counting????). That just does not add up to me…if we had a national popular vote, I think everyone would take their vote more seriously and the candidates would be foreced to communicate to all 50 states.

Okay, that’s it…let me know your thoughts on what this election means. I’ll look forward to reading them!


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7 Responses to Thoughts Post Election

  1. Linda Nordstrom says:

    I am angry, disappointed, shocked and pissed!!! Here is what I am feeling::::
    It STINKS that WE will be the ones cutting back on how WE spend OUR hard earned money, because WE will be paying MORE of it to the government so THEY keep getting MORE and WE keep working OUR butts off to build a better life for our families (and THEIRS). It is shocking to me that 50% of our country actually believed that Obama has done a good job in the last 4 years–am I missing something?????

    I can only say that we will have to deal with this the best way we can and when it all comes down to it, pray for our health and happiness through all of this.

  2. Emmett Hickey says:

    Could not agree more on electoral vs popular. It may have made sense at one time but not today. i wish Linda would speak up a little more. It’s a mystery to me how BHO has so many mesmerized. Come January 1st 2013 the crippling of small business will begin unless a lid is put on taxes. How does Linda feel about all this????????
    I will take the high road and be ultra cautious with investments and careful about how I grow my business. May not hire that admin person come the first of the year. Oh wait, if everyone reacts this way we are sure to continue to move backward. Better figure out a different way to win. Speak it Linda. I would like to know where you stand.

  3. Tom Nordstrom says:

    Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves, our country is now on a very different path from what they so brilliantly created and risked their lives for! Instead of working hard for success, a big majority of people now want it handed to them. As Margaret Thatcher said “socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money”…. well that time will rapidly approach now; all you need to do is look at what is happening in Greece, Spain, France and other countries in Europe. The business creators will simply downsize, shut their businesses down or move to a friendlier country. We face a tough and sad future, especially for our children.

    I do agree with scraping the electoral college system and changing to a popular vote, it would encourage more people to vote and discourage political manipulation.

  4. David Bentley says:

    All the money, energy and emotion spent chasing votes resulted in no significant change in the balance of federal power. Yet it created a wider divide among Americans due to the left-wing’s use of race-baiting, class-warfare, fear and false narratives in order to retain their political power. The Obama campaign of disinformation and cover-ups was aided and abetted by a compliant left-media that seems incapable of understanding the importance of its role in protecting the people from government. Similarly disappointing was the Obama campaign’s exploitation of a growing dependent class who are encouraged by the left-wing to view themselves as victims of the “rich” or of a rigged system that can only be rectified by arrogant regulators and politicians exacting “revenge”. All the while, those same demagogues are themselves some of the nation’s wealthiest and stingiest people (hypocrites). So, let’s be ready for 4 more years of the ObamaNation; forewarned is forearmed.

    As Thomas Jefferson noted, “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” Ironically, 4 more years of the ObamaNation may be the best thing for conservatism as more voters learn what a fraud Obama’s “santa clause” promises are. The challenge in the mean time for the party of Lincoln and Reagan is to firmly defend and advance our nation’s constitutional principles of maximum individual liberties and economic freedoms while finding a more palatable and persuasive way to attract higher levels of voter support. Romney did his best for the cause, but he’s no Ronald Reagan.

    • jimsnailblog says:

      Wait till you hear what one of my newsletter writers is predicting: A THIRD term for Obama! I hope we can guide America away from more government, but the reality is they voted for more. Part two will address what we are doing.

  5. Janice Jordan says:

    My emotions are similar to Linda. There is a book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson; as a business owner and mom I believe it is necessary to find my cheese. I think it has been moved/eaten/given away=gone and cannot afford to wait in hopes it will come back. Jim, thank you for your blogs, I really appreciate them!

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