The Move, The Move Two, The World

It’s hard to believe my last post was on January 1st of this year! It’s been a busy, busy year…so I’ll jump right in.

The Move: On June 23rd, we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. One week after the last election (November), Linda and I decided to put our house up for sale and it closed in late May. San Diego is considered one the nicest places in the world to live, why would we leave it? In very simple terms, we believe California has completely disconnected from the free market system. The amount of regulation, control and bizarre legislation coming from the “Golden State”, is increasing and it’s all adding up to something we don’t understand and we choose not to participate in. One of the results of this disaster is the top marginal tax rate went from 10 to 13%. We are fortunate in that nearly all of our income comes from outside the state and by the end of the year, none will. So, we can basically live anywhere as long as we have an internet connection and are close to an airport. Nevada has no state income tax, is friendly to business, and has a lot to offer in quality of life.

In California, private business is viewed as a target for regulation, endless regulation that drives costs up. It is also viewed as an endless source of funding for government activities. The recipient of those funds, the State, is on the constant quest for catching business doing something wrong so that on top of the long list of fees, taxes and levies, penalty funds also add to the take. In Nevada, business is viewed as a positive. They actually want to help you succeed. We have already met with the head of business development for the State of Nevada and he made it clear the State will do anything they can do help our small business, Famous Names LLC, grow into a large one. We are looking forward to conducting business in Nevada and are quite happy to be out of California.

In addition to zero state income tax, by my calculation, the apples to apples cost of living here is about 40-45% lower. Real Estate is about 40-50% lower for similar size/type properties. Home insurance is far lower (think 75%). I could go on and on, but the bottom line is the cost of living is far lower here. Combine that with no state income tax and it presents a very favorable picture. We live in a beautiful neighborhood, its hard to believe we are in the desert. We are two minutes away from the fitness center/spa and four minutes from the club house (we can leave at 6:45am and tee off by 7:00am!) The airport is nine minutes away and has a far more extensive choice of flights than San Diego and usually lower fares. Of course, the selection of dining and entertainment is one of the best in world…The Strip of Las Vegas is about 15 minutes away, so when we decide to head down to “sin city”, it’s an easy drive, much easier than going from North County to Downtown San Diego and it feels a lot safer. The infrastructure here is FAR better than San Diego, there is actually no comparison.

What is the downside? Yes, that famous “summer heat”. There is no denying it. July of this year was the hottest in the last 30 was called a “30 year heat event” and started the day before Linda and the girls headed out. Yikes! It was over 115 degrees for 15 straight days. Thankfully, going into mid-August, the temperatures have started heading down. When I walk our Bull-Mastiff, Chester in the morning (usually around 7:30am) it’s about 78-80 out, very pleasant. As we get into the fall months, we are told the weather is spectacular. So, hot, hot summers are a downside. The biggest downside for me is not being near our friends. We were so spoiled to live on Wiegand St, where the neighbors actually know each other and have a lot of fun together. I will really miss my brother Tommy…how lucky we were less than 10 minutes away. We will make new friends, but are going to work hard to continue to enjoy good times with our special friends in San Diego. We are lucky to live about 3 minutes from the 15 Freeway and if traffic cooperates, are about four hours to north San Diego county. We hope our friends will come and visit us here, we know you will like it!

A couple of moving related notes:
Our real estate agents were absolutely fantastic. It a mother/daughter team: Jenn and Mary. They are simply the best…they worked hard, stayed on top of the details, caught some material mistakes in the closing statement and were fun to work with. I can’t more highly recommend someone: call Jenn at (760) 519-9911 to learn more.
The moving company based in San Diego, Sullivan Moving and Storage (858-874-2600) are first-rate and professional.
The moving company on the Las Vegas end, Puliz Moving and Storage, are to be completely avoided.
Our agent in Las Vegas, Ike Prinsloo, great to work with: 702.374.4353
The Sellers agent in Las Vegas, Anthony Ypil of Pathmark Realty is to be avoided.
So, we are making it through the adjustments: Making sure to look for Las Vegas instead of San Diego when checking flight info on the way home :); Learning a new set of Freeways and Roads…thank goodness for navigation! Learning a tough new golf course. We are really liking it here so far, I will keep you updated.

The Move Two: Our 18-year-old daughter Niki, moved today to Santa Monica where she will attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Linda and I are thrilled and proud that she has made the Professional Beauty Industry her career choice. Linda will spend most of this week helping her get moved in and acclimated. We will miss our family “spark plug” a lot. As a parent there are those sad/proud days…this was one of those. Sad and Proud, I guess that says it all.

The World: Just a quick word on the situation in Syria. I hope we don’t go in…the implications of the unexpected are huge. In difference to years past, China and Russia are both large (China the largest) holders of US debt and both are strong allies of Syria. What the Assad regime has done is terrible, but I am struggling to understand what the purpose of a strike is: can the US go around “punishing” countries that have done things we don’t like and disagree with? Other than “sending a message”, what is the end goal here? If we send a message, what is the message? We need to be careful here….

Okay, that it for this edition…



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10 Responses to The Move, The Move Two, The World

  1. Bill Botts says:

    Margaret and I are so happy to have Jim Linda 12 minutes away. Welcome!


  2. Eve Beutler says:

    Totally agree. Are you coming out to see the show. 9:19-29, then we will be out to see you

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Linda Nordstrom says:

    Ahh, as always Jim has a greta way to relate how he is feeling and the passion that he always has. I am proud to say that we just celebrated our 21st anniversary and how proud I am of my darling husband. Xoxoxo

  4. jimsnailblog says:

    Right back at you Linda…21 great years!

  5. Tommy says:

    Missing Jim, Linda, Niki and Carli…. we will all adjust! Time that we do spend together is much more special and precious.

  6. Gina Argyrides says:

    Love your articles Jim, you are a very knowledgable and wise man, and a great husband and dad!! Gina, Beautyrule Supplies, Cyprus

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