I feel compelled to make a post on the Syrian situation. From the beginning, it has not added up for me…at all. Thus, it keeps piercing my thoughts.  I also welcome any reader’s thoughts and will share them in my next note if you send them to me.
Briefly, I think we are making a big mistake, the consequences of which may be far beyond what anyone can imagine. Evidently, the vast portion of America agree with me:  As of this morning 63% are against and 28%  for attacking Syria.  The law of unintended consequences could kick into gear big time if we follow the current course of action.

In no particular order, some thoughts:

  • Over 100,000 Syrians have been murdered by Assad in the last few years, so what is it about the 1400 who were recently killed is now prompting world attention?  It just does not add up and I don’t think for a minute that it’s about the children and women…it has to be something else.  I read an article that suggests it’s about the supply of energy to Europe…a Russia vs.  US play.  Could be, who knows, but there is something going on that has not been shared with the  people.
  • It has been stated by the Obama administration that this situation represents a national security threat towards the US.  Really, our country’s security is at risk from Syria?  Sorry, doesn’t work for me…don’t buy it.  I will say this:  IF we attack Syria, our national security could be at risk.
  • Putin of Russia has stated if the US attacks Syria without UN approval (which will never happen since he has veto power), that Russia will significantly increase its military support to Syria.  So, in essence this could/will turn into an US vs Russia conflict.  Did you know that Russia has had a naval base in Syria (Tartus) since 1970.  They are currently increasing their presence in the area just as we are.  Yet, we have been told that this will just be a quick, concise and focused “action” with no boots on the ground.
  • The complete incompetence of our Congress has been highlighted from the Syrian situation.  Here is a link to Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida stating that the recent vote of the Senate panel (10-7) was not designed to stop Assad from killing his people, just that he could not use gas….I am not making this up (it’s around the six-minute mark):  There is also the photo of John McCain playing video poker during the Syrian related hearings.  I did not know whether to laugh or cry when Susan Rice appeared today with “evidence” that is was the Assad regime and not the rebels who used the gas…this is the same politician, oops, I mean “spokes person” who blamed the Benghazi attack on an amateur video during five Sunday morning talk shows.  There’s a good chunk of credibility there!
  • The Red Line, that darn Red Line…Yes, it was drawn by President Obama, it’s on the public record.  That Red Line has painted President Obama into a very uncomfortable corner.  So much so, that we now hear that the “world” painted the Red Line.  How sad, this is the time to stand up for what you believe in (and say) and make your case…doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  How scary that a verbal Red Line could take us into an ill-advised war (this is war, not an “action”)
  • Then there is Al-Qaeda, that bunch that has been responsible for US deaths all over the world.  They are members of the rebels we will support to bring Assad down…let’s make sure we have this correct:  We will be supporting a group of thugs that have been trying to kill us, anywhere they can in the world.

Is doing nothing an option?  I think so.  I hope sanity prevails here…however you view this situation, make sure to share it with your elected officials in Washington.

Let’s hope for the best-



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2 Responses to Syria

  1. Carol Nordstrom says:

    Definitely agree on all fronts. Well written. I’m vehemently against intervention. Something much bigger is driving this cause and the consequences are frightening. It’s the big war machine that continues to be funded just as D. Eisenhower warned at the end of his administration. If we strike, we can expect to live in fear of retaliation. Putin was smart to propose that all weapons be exposed and dismantled. Obama’s playing with fire and got this wrong.

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