The IBX Effect…Gel nails rescue

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I’m sure all of you gel wearers have a love/hate relationship with gel polish. It can last over 2 weeks, it shines relentlessly and there is no chipping. All the reasons why we love gel polish, right? However there is a down side. We all hate the damage it can cause to some of our nails. Well, Famous Names has created a product that strengthens and repairs your nails within. It is the “IBX System” creating nail strength from within.


I know your asking youself, how does this work? There are 2 steps that are applied before your manicure and or gel application. One is the repair system for damaged nails and the other is the strengthner, which by the way can be used with natural nails and regular polish. Keep in mind this is a natural nail system. The image below shows the nail with damage before the IBX…

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3 Responses to The IBX Effect…Gel nails rescue

  1. Emmett Hickey says:

    Jim can you have updated selling material sent?

    Live, Laugh & Love.

    Emmett Hickey

    Head Coach

    Spa Specialties Representatives

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    Arlington, Texas 76018

    817-468-3181 Offfice

    817-706-4700 Cell

  2. P.I.P. says:

    Thank you Jim 🙂

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