OZ Land, The Election, Random Thoughts

Linda and I are on our way back home from two phenominal famous Names weeks in Australia. I have travelled to this great place several times, but it has been quite some time.  First off, mega thanks to Pete and Lucy Lykissas who are our distributor partner and long time friends for organizing nothing short of a remarkable trip. During our tour we conducted three IBX certification classes for over 100 techs, visited six distributors, toured the Melbourne show and visited several fantastic salons. As with all of our travels, we made some wonderful new friends and rekindled others. Really impressed with the Aussie techs and had some really good laughs along the way (the snake charmer being the best!). I must also mention Beth from Salon First Supply who has been a long time devoted Creative Nail Design distributor and must have the best vintage Creative poster collection in the world. She was kind enough to dig out one of our most iconic, early era posters (see image below) for our meeting.  So, on behalf of Linda, we both would like to thank everyone who took their time to join us…we really appreciate it and enjoyed every minute.

This trip introduced us to Kingscliff (the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life), Brisbane and Melbourne. I have heard many compliments on Melbourne and must agree…a wonderful vibe and special place.  We also spent time in the wonderful city of Sydney.  Despite some horrible currency headwinds, the economy and lifestyle I observed seems to be doing fine.

No trip is ever perfect.  Watching Sky News Australia was disturbing. I cannot call them Journalist…I am trying to be kind by calling them “commentators”.  They are literally on a witch hunt aimed at none other than Donald Trump. I simply could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.  I am not sure they understand they do not get to vote, but listening to them,  you would think they get the only vote!  The artistry of sound bites aided by the most off base and biased commentary truly puts them in an “idiot class” all their own.

Speaking of the election, it looks like it will be Donald vs Hillary. Should be interesting for sure…one for the ages. I have always wondered who the “party machinery” is…it is being revealed this election cycle. This group of elite, rich influnencers rarely need to reveal themselves, but they are out in full force now. Two dishonarable mentions:

The National Review released a full, stand alone Anti-Trump issue. 30 political elistist put their name on the cover. Glen Beck was notable…I have always viewed him as an out of touch kook, he really has delivered.  How sad, how out of touch…good ridence to them. I predict they will not stay solvent through the next election.

Mitt Rommney…where do I start?  This man lost the 2012 election with his condescending and dividing comment about “the 51%”.  He is the ultimate in the rich and out of touch segment. Mitt, do yourselve a favor…leave us “common folk” alone. You were and continue to be a embarrasment.

Hillary:  I decided a full 12 months ago that the last thing our country needs is another political dynasty. That excludes the Clintons and Bushes from this race for me. Hillary is an intresting one.  Yelling and shouting is her version of a good speech and “connecting” with the elecorate.  She is all about anger and division.

America is fed up with career politicians who put the people last…last in a long list of “power brokers”, special interest groups and the political party “big machinery” donors. These normally confident insiders are all afraid of the “outside” canidate. They cant own him…this is unfamilar territory for them. We are SUPPOSED to do what they want us to. Not this time, last time I checked, its one vote per citizen. Lets not let the elistest and the political dynasties control us.

One last disturbing note:  A recent study by an independant university found that Google search has the ability to identify undecided voters and modifies serch results to sway users into supporting Hillary Clinton. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google is a big HRC supporter. I respect anyone who is reading this political position, no matter what is, this is horribly wrong.  If this bothers you as much as me, change your default browser to duckduckgo. They do not collect any personal data and pride themselves on quality search results and not the political agenda of their (elite) senior management.

We are about to board our flight to Honolulu.

until next time……





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