The Vote…

Tomorrow, Britain votes on whether to stay or leave the EU. I just returned from my adopted “second country” last week. While there, I conducted my own survey on the vote: In or Out? Innie or Outie (thankfully only one person thought I was talking belly buttons). I queried around 40 people and can say my survey was very close, with the tilt towards exit. The other question I asked is are you happy you kept the British Pound rather than adopt the Euro. EVERY single person said they were very happy they kept the Pound.
So, why would you want to stay in a situation where unelected, elitist career politicians decide your fate as a sovereign country?
I wish my many friends in the UK the best of luck tomorrow…the results should be interesting to say the least.


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I am passionate about business, especially the Professional Beauty Industry and the Wine business.
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2 Responses to The Vote…

  1. Outie dude all the way. And it’s the only time I wish to have an outie. Belly button wise innies are best. Love you’re blogs Nordy!!!

  2. Bill says:

    Its ike the UK has a chance to gete out and manage the process before the entire EU falls apart

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