A First in History

To my knowledge, for the first time in our country’s history, digital evidence is having great impact on the US presidential elections. In the past, there were “leaks” released by the (main stream) media with un-named sources. But real and actual emails are being released that show (if you are willing to read them) how corrupt the system has become. The Elites are firmly in control of the US system. They are led by two dominate and criminal families: The Bushes and the Clintons. In this election, its the Clintons in the forefront with the Bushes in the backround, with both firmly committed at all costs, to keeping the power elite in place at a heavy and daily cost to YOU and I.
With the full, absolute support of the main stream media (MSM), the manipulation of the polls, the relative positions of the two candidates and how “well” the US economy and position in the world is doing, the power elites have come close to retaining their absolute power status. However, there is still a vote that will take place. You and I must vote…exercise your right.
Those polls you see daily trying to convince you no vote is needed, HRC has it wrapped up…they are completely stacked to poll those who support the power elite.
The economic numbers you see in the MSM? Conovulated beyond recgnition[Linda Nordstrom] (recognition) to make sure you are at ease. No worries needed, just trust us to do what is best for you and the “country” (translation: please vote to allow us to continue our self wealth and power control status…we will throw you a bone from time to time for the priveledge).
And on it goes. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the power elite, the two leading crime families and a continuation of the disaster that is the Obama regime. Short term history will expose the 12 trillion tab he racked up for all of the “progress” he believes has been achieved that includes sky rocketing health care costs (remember, this is the AFFORDABLE care act, right?); a disaster of a middle east map with our sworn enemy Iran in poll position; and regulation that runs wild. But worst of all race relations have plummeted under his watch. What a complete waste of a golden opportunity to draw us together as a nation.
Finally, when did the Democratic party become the party of war? Obama has spread war into many additional territories. Hillary is obsessed with Putin and Russia…war with them is insured if she is elected. She is a servant of the war machine that has senior status in the power elite. Dont belive me? Look at the money flow. A vote for her is a vote for war.
The election is a clear choice. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the power elite to rest easy for four more years. A vote to continue the destruction of what built America as good, but is today at risk becuase of the corruption, dishonesty and rot the Clintons and Bushes have worked hard to put in place.
Trump? A ray of hope we can reverse course and get back to what made America a respected leader in the world community.
Tuesday is going to be a day to remember. I am writing this on our flight home from Munich, Germany. Our schedule has been non-stop, so news has been a luxury. Make an informed vote on Tueday…


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9 Responses to A First in History

  1. Linda says:

    Great information! Thanks for keeping us all informed!

  2. Penny m sadler says:

    Thank you.. we’ll written.. I agree..we must take back our government…

  3. William Botts says:


    Well said. I just hope that the real people have stayed on the sideline poll-wise and will turn out to fire the whole fucking bunch of elites. Hillary and Co. should be in Federal prison.


  4. jimsnailblog says:

    I read a great article about how the selection of poll demographics is completely skewed to HRC. While this is no suprise, it really is disgusting and representative of how partisan the media is. They are really a disgrace, unless you are a 1% elite…in that case their best friend.

  5. Emmett Hickey says:

    Well said Jim. My hope is that the skewed polls will work in the GOP favor and cause conservative hard working Americans that are pulling the wagon full of those that do not work to get out the vote. Our grandchildren’s future depends on it.

  6. jimsnailblog says:

    We can only hope, but it is possible

  7. David Bentley says:

    The “Establishment” label that gained prominence during this election cycle accurately reflects the problem that Americans want solved and that Trump, the independent outsider/disrupter, offers a real solution to. Even Bernie Sanders gained tremendous support using that descriptor and actually won the Democrat primary if not for the election fraud resulting from collusion among the Clinton campaign, the Obama Administration, the DNC & the media. The Establishment includes career politicians from both the D & R political parties (who lie to and abuse the taxpayer), the academic elites (who leach off the taxpayers), established wealth/trust-fund babies (who exploit and condescend to the taxpayers), and the press (who arrogantly consider themselves smarter than the taxpayers). They’re all members of “the club” and thrive on the current corrupt system. Party politics, for the Establishment, is not about principles or ideology; instead, it’s an effective means for keeping the masses divided and dependent on the Establishment to “solve the problems”. Problems never get solved because the Establishment grows its wealth & power by perpetuating problems that only they can “solve”. It’s sad to be so cynical, but these conclusions are well-supported by the horrendous bias, lies and other anti-Trump behavior we’ve witnessed during this election cycle by the press, both political parties and the other members of the “Establishment”. They are desperate to maintain the status quo & prevent Trump from actually “draining the swamp”. How else does a reasonable person explain an obviously corrupt career politician like Hillary Clinton being seriously considered for the highest political office in our country? That fact alone is a serious and sad indictment of the modern American culture. God help us & Go Trump!

  8. jimsnailblog says:

    David, all true. Lets see what happens today

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