New World…or?

It’s been about six months since the election and all of the hysteria that has surrounded it. So, this blog will be mainly about politics…if that does not interest you, cut to the end.  While so much has been said, I would like to make a few comments:

  1. If you don’t like Trump, you know how I felt 8 1/2 years ago. But guess what? We all survived. And we will this time too.
  2. The Presidency has morphed a lot over the last 30 years. It is driven by Executive Orders (EO’s) being issued by the President, rather than laws being discussed, compromised and passed by Congress and signed by the President. EO’s can be easily reversed by the new President since they are not “law”. So, much of what Obama enacted via EO’s has already been negated, cancelled or modified. Not sure how this transition to will play out…who knows? Too early to say.
  3. Hillary is an out of touch Elite Class member…the average American simple could not relate to her and did not trust her. The East and West coasts Elites lover her.  I am not sure she really knows who she is…one thing is for sure, she is a composite of a lot of big money from all over the world. The amount of post election denial being spewed by her and her cronies is quite remarkable.
  4. Influence:  Hillary accepted 10’s of millions in foreign donations (both directly to her campaign and through the Clinton “Foundation”). Russia is being accused of “influencing” our elections and being the “source” of the leaked emails.  Is it strange that no one in the Hillary camp or the DNC is denying the content of the emails? Where is our media in covering this? It is sad day when the American media can no longer be relied upon to report the truth versus influencing our political process by being overtly favorable to one candidate and overtly negative to the other and call themselves “journalist”. Who really influenced our elections?
  5. Washington DC is not a reflection of the people of our country, at least not yet. Many other countries simply don’t understand that about us. They want Ivy League, smooth speaking Elites representing them. The Elites are not what made the US a leader…it is you and me. Let’s keep it that way!

I have a secret to share with you (please keep this just between us)…famous Names does business in Russia. This next one I have to insist that you absolutely keep to yourself and tell NO ONE:  Linda and I have actually been to Russia!!!  Guess what?  Putin is not reflective of the people who live there.  The young generation is learning English, unlike their parent’s generation when knowing English was considered suspicious activity.  They are very “western” in their thoughts, likes, dislikes.  They actually like Americans and have great respect for us.  They try hard to not let politics into their daily lives.  However, guess who really pays a terrible price for the sanctions imposed on Russia?  It’s not Putin, I can assure you that.  We were told he has 23 homes and moves frequently (and quietly) between them.  No, the sanctions hit the average person and HARD. It’s hard for us to watch the effects, in fact heart breaking.


The Russians Are Coming

The Russians Are Coming


If you watch CNN, MSNBC or any of the former “big three” networks, it’s all Russia, all day every day. All other news takes a back seat. I have never seen anything like it. If there is something there, let it come out. There are eight different investigations going on in Congress (remember, they don’t legislate anymore).  So far, the media is desperate for something, anything to come to light. By talking about it ALL of the time they hope that effort will morph into “something”, “anything”. It’s sad.  Let the investigations proceed and let’s let the hysteria go by the wayside.


Questions for you. What is more important to liberals in Congress?

Economic Strength or the Russians?

Tax Reform for US Based Corporations (more below) or the Russians?

Paring Back the Massive Body of Regulations or the Russians?

If you answered the Russians to each and every one of these questions, you would be correct. It’s quite remarkable that revenge for a lost election is more important than improving our country.

Then there is the Republicans…I don’t know where to start. If the Democrats are the perfect iteration of their own “group speak”, the Republicans are the polar opposite. There is no agreement on what they stand for, what they want or can accomplish now that they have full control of all three branches of government.  They are as dysfunctional as they have ever been. Paul Ryan is the epitome of a zombie politician.  The Democrats will “resist” at every opportunity while the Republicans try to figure out what they want as a group.  So, guess what…EO’s will rule the day.

My best advice is take care of yourself and your family and keep Washington DC as far away as possible.

One more comment and then I promise to move on. Last year the CIA released thousands of pages of declassified documents (I believe because 50 years had passed). Contained within were numerous documents outlining other countries’ elections that WE (well, really the CIA) overtly threw or redirected the outcomes, all in the name of US national interest. As The Russians Are Coming investigations move forward, perhaps we should get our own house in order?


Linda and I started famous Names in 2010. Until this year, we have had very few price increase notices. For several of our products we actually order the raw materials (so WE control the quality inputs), so we are on the front line of manufacturing a real thing. This year we have seen significant pricing activity. Example: chip board for packaging just went up 8% across the board. Volatile chemicals seem to go up EVERY TIME we order them.  Organic EVOO is going to go up big, we just don’t know how much yet. Bottom-line:  From our little micro perch, inflation is happening right now.  The new generation have never been through an inflationary period, so it’s on few radars. The implications are massive and too numerous for today’s piece, but keep an eye on it…it’s important. Incidentally, I was sharing this with a service provider yesterday and they replied “it’s probably that idiot Trumps fault!”  I did not have time to explain that in the eight years Obama was in office, the Federal debt more than doubled to 20 Trillion and that the Fed’s balance sheet went from 800 Billion to 4.2 Trillion. That increase in the Fed Balance Sheet is digital “funny money” and that is precisely where inflation comes from. It usually takes several years to flow through. Whatever Trump’s impact is on inflation, we will not know for 2-3 years. My guess is it will increase it further, but a bit unfair to blame him for today’s increases. But then again, The Russians Are Coming.


If the last crisis was rooted in sub-prime mortgage debt, where could the next one come from? It won’t be a replay the last one. It will come from student loans (which under Obama ballooned from 400 Billion to 1.2 Trillion today) and sub-prime (there is that UGLY word again) auto loans. Amazingly, you can now trade in a used car with negative value (meaning the outstanding loan is more than the value of the car) and roll that into a new car loan AND get 90 months to pay. Sound insane?  Does to me. It gets better:  About one third of these loans are sub-prime and given to folks who can’t afford them. Guess we didn’t learn much from 10 years ago. Loan defaults on both types of loans have started to increase and will get worse. Not good.


Quick Thoughts & Quotes:

  • The oft-told story, of the man who fell off the 50-story building, that was heard to say, as he passed the twelfth floor, “So far so good!” appears to apply to our financial world now.


  • Obamacare made insurance more expensive, going to the doctor more complicated, and created bizarre economic incentives that have nothing to do with delivering health care to the people that need it…EB Tucker


  • Trump becomes only the fifth president to never have been elected to public office before his inauguration. The previous four: Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.


  • Look at the Obama years:

    2017-06 Blog


  • From my daughter Carli: What happens when you excel and succeed? You Succel!


  • Your Ego is not Your Amigo


  • John Kenneth Galbraith: “We have two classes of forecasters: Those who don’t know – and those who don’t know they don’t know.”


  • If you want to read some “real”, alternative news, check out hosted by the mythical Tyler Durden of Fight Club fame. Many of the articles are anonymous and come from in the know sources.

Wishing you all a beautiful and safe summer!



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  1. Markus Ros says:

    well said Jim!

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    Right on buddy.


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    Nice job babe

    Have a Great Day,

    Linda Nordstrom/CEO


  4. Ron Lovick says:

    Fantastic post… and sadly RIGHT ON !!

  5. says:

    Such wisdom by someone who cares! You sir…are a Patriot!!


  6. Emmett Hickey says:

    Well said my friend. Could not agree more.

    Making a positive difference in the lives of others!

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